Cruising the Caribbean {Part 5}: Window shopping in Grand Cayman


It’s not for nothing that they affectionately nickname it ‘Brand Cayman’… After all, the island is considered the top shopping destination in the Caribbean. Even if you haven’t planned an excessive splurge in your holiday budget, it’s still nice to do some serious lusting after luxury items behind polised window displays to nurture your inner shoppaholic.

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Cruising the Caribbean {Part 4}: Honduras or Heaven?


Our day in Honduras was easily the most relaxing time we had on the cruise. The fine white strip of sand in Roatan was without a doubt the most beautiful, breathtaking beach I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking on. If you’re looking for adventure, the place would probably disappoint, but if you just feel like soaking up the sun and bobbing along the shore in the crystal clear water, I would highly recommend visiting in Mahogany Bay.

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Cruising the Caribbean {Part 1}: Climbing waterfalls in Jamaica

IMG_5748 (Edited)

I don’t expect that the first half of this post will surprise you much. It consists of photos of the Caribbean Sea. Blue, green, blue-green, turquoise,Β aquamarineΒ … you get the idea. It is absolutely beautiful, and even after two weeks there, the colours continue to seem impossibly vibrant. But if you stick around for the second half, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy something unique to Jamaica, which will be worth your while. Let’s go!

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24 hours in the golden city of Valletta, Malta

Valletta Auberge de Castille

When you plan a last-minute trip, you should be prepared for a few bumps along the way. In my experience, a few things are bound to go wrong, so you should just accept that, and adapt to make the best of your circumstances in order to still enjoy yourself. In an attempt to escape the cold January weather in London, I made an impulse decision to book a weekend getaway to Malta.

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