On the Lake Geneva shoreline


There’s nothing else like the excitement of discovering a new destination. I had wanted to visit Switzerland ever since I was seventeen and researching university degrees in hotel management, a desire I later decided against. But the desire to visit Switzerland never subsided. Everyone who had been lucky enough to have visited had told me about the incomparably beautiful scenery and the fabulous lifestyle on the lake shore, so when an opportunity came up to go, I couldn’t pass it up.

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Third time’s a charm: back to Milan for visit number three!


I had a pretty good time in Milan the first two times I visited (check out my post about them here), but my latest trip definitely stood out as the favourite. Maybe it was because it was such a relaxed, casual break – when you’ve seen all the major sites you no longer feel compelled to run around like a headless chicken, trying to squeeze all the top attractions into a limited amount of time, and snap as many pictures as your fingers possibly can before giving out.

And the best part about not necessarily expecting to come across something extraordinary when you’ve been to a place twice already, is that actually you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised…

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Brighton Beach Bonanza


When I think about all the places I’ve been lucky enough to travel to in the past, it always hits me: I don’t travel that much around the UK itself. I’ve lived in this amazing country for 7 years now, and I have only visited a handful of places. There is still so much to see and do! That’s why I have consciously been trying to arrange more road trips, weekend breaks and excursions to various sites and cities here.

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Rediscovering Vienna as an adult: top 10 things to do


I try not to go to the same destination twice, unless the place was absolutely incredible and warrants a second visit. I was quite lucky to start travelling at an early age, and even though I have some pretty vivid memories from those first trips around Europe, as an adult I am definitely able to appreciate each destination I travel to in a different way, through the prism of all my experiences and with all the cultures I’ve explored as reference.

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Cruising the Caribbean {Part 8}: Colours and Culture, Cuba

When I look back on my time in Havana, I will definitely remember the range of eccentric classic cars, the lovely people in the streets, who are always dancing and singing, and generally the great atmosphere which makes the city feel like a place entirely out of this world. But what will certainly stay with me are the beautiful colours; the way the pastels complement each other across neighbouring facades, and how the vibrant shades blend in an artful expression of the city’s character. Here is a look through my lens as I try to capture the most beautiful sights in Havana.

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Cabaret Tropicana – A Night to Remember

Here is an exclusive look at some of the incredible performances at the crown jewel in Cuba’s entertainment scene – the Tropicana Cabaret. You’re welcome 😉

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