1Havana is famous for its pastel-coloured houses, so I wanted to show you some of the truly vibrant and colourful citizens that can be seen on its streets. I also wanted to try and capture what I find is the most unique trait of the Cuban population – their gusto, or their passion for life, exhibited in their song and dance!

2Carrying a huge cigar is a projection of status, even more than the outfit it would seem!

3Street artists playing for the crowds near Plaza Central.

4You know you are loving life when you just go into salsa mode right there on the street.

Great background for a spot of relaxation over mojitos in the central square.

And what better way to experience the passion and flair of Cuba, than the world famous Tropicana cabaret (apologies in advance for the blurry pictures – they were moving too quickly)!









^See the best of the performances in the videos above and don’t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel for videos of my travel adventures!

Throughout each performance the audience kept their eyes glued to the incredible dancers as if in a trance. The voices of the singers had a similar hypnotic effect, and while everyone was quiet at the start, soon the contagious rhythm of the songs got people to start drumming with their fingers on the tables, and tapping their shoes on the floor. By the end everyone was out of their seats and we had all completely surrendered to the ecstasy of the music.

It was a stunning show which I highly recommend. And it’s simply the most inclusive cultural experience you could dream of!

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Thanks for reading,

xx Niya


Cruising the Caribbean {Part 7}: Costumes and Canciones, Cuba

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