It’s not for nothing that they affectionately nickname it ‘Brand Cayman’… After all, the island is considered the top shopping destination in the Caribbean. Even if you haven’t planned an excessive splurge in your holiday budget, it’s still nice to do some serious lusting after luxury items behind polised window displays to nurture your inner shoppaholic.

George Town on Grand Cayman is so exclusive and luxurious, that standard stray animals like cats and dogs can’t be seen anywhere… the streets are filled instead with roosters and iguanas. I challenge you to find a cooler, more sophisticated place in the Caribbean!


Outfit: crop top (Tommy x Gigi), lace-trimmed denim shorts (Bershka), trainers (Reebok Stone NPC), linen sweater (Uniqlo).


IMG_6439Finding our bearings…


IMG_5610Let the window shopping commence!

P1070724A different side of George Town

P1070732Amazing atmosphere at Margaritaville. Reminded me of the one on Las Vegas Boulevard!

IMG_5630And now for everyone’s favourite type of shop… the duty free one!




P1070718Finally we took a stroll down the main street to the quieter part of town, where everyone was relaxing in their own way…







P1070730 (2)Back to basics… Because the only thing that beats lounging on a luxurious yacht is a cute little

The Cayman Islands have never been a particular point of interest that I would have put on my bucket list, but visiting Grand Cayman was fun. I find that often you are able to relax and have a great time when you have no expectations. With a bit of luck, the place might even surprise you!

Have you been somewhere that turned out to be better or more interesting than expected? Tell me in the comments! If you enjoyed the post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss the next one!

Thanks for reading,

xx Niya




Cruising the Caribbean {Part 5}: Window shopping in Grand Cayman

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