Our day in Honduras was easily the most relaxing time we had on the cruise. The fine white strip of sand in Roatan was without a doubt the most beautiful, breathtaking beach I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking on. If you’re looking for adventure, the place would probably disappoint, but if you just feel like soaking up the sun and bobbing along the shore in the crystal clear water, I would highly recommend visiting in Mahogany Bay.

ย IMG_5556Arriving on Roatan Island and making our way toward Mahogany Bay.

P1070615There’s a little tourist village built by Royal Caribbean where you can shop for souvenirs.



P1070621We made our way through a well-kept garden full of exotic flowers and plants.


IMG_5561We chanced upon a little path that led off the main road and onto a tiny bay overlooking the main port. Apparently we weren’t the first to stray off the beaten track…



P1070629Enjoying the view from the little hidden pier.


P1070664You can also reach the beach by a cable car which goes above the garden, but you’d miss out on a really nice walk between the fragrant plants.

P1070638We could already see the water was an oddly bright blue colour, unlike any other we’d seen before. We felt very optimistic about the day ahead!



IMG_5567I felt giddy as I covered the last few feet to the beach in a quick jog. I couldn’t wait to kick my flip-flops off and bury my toes in that amazingly soft, dust-like sand!




P1070658I just couldn’t believe how clean the water was. So I had to dive in!

P1070650After a nice long nap in the shade we started to think about lunch…

IMG_5570We ate at Fat Tuesday where they served an incredibly yummy Caribbean jerk with black bean rice, plantain chips and spicy pico de gallo.

P1070668Back on the beach, there was plenty of time to just unwind any way we liked.

IMG_5572The relaxed atmosphere in Mahogany Bay put me in such a good mood that I spent the rest of the day just splashing about, chasing fish with my underwater camera and generally goofing around…

Back on our ship, we waved goodbye to the beautiful Roatan. It was everything we’d hoped for and more when setting out on our Caribbean holiday.

What is the best beach you have been on? Let me know in the comments! Please don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up if you liked it, and follow the blog if you’d like to hear more about my travels.

Thanks for reading,

Niya xx


Cruising the Caribbean {Part 4}: Honduras or Heaven?

4 thoughts on “Cruising the Caribbean {Part 4}: Honduras or Heaven?

  1. Exactly my kind of place. I love beaches, and covered many of them across countries in the last couple of years.

    My best so far has been Bondi Beach in Sydney and Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast…both in Australia. I might think of Caribbean outing sometime.

    You seem to have had a lot of fun, and look cute too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am yet to visit Australia but it is definitely on my list! Thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, the Caribbean can be a bit of a hit and miss (particularly city travel) but you can hardly go wrong when you bet on their natural sites, and especially the beaches! I’ve got a post on Mexico coming up, and that one was a close second after Roatan.


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