Although we weren’t the first people to chart the Mexican toen of Costa Maya, we made a few discoveries of our own. We spent a nice, relaxing day scoring the perfect spot on the beach in the neighbouring settlement of Majahual, finding the greatest place for lunch, and hunting for the best bargains in the little tourist village by the port.

IMG_5450Arriving in Costa Maya at the break of day.



IMG_5539Admiring some hand-crafted souvenirs in the tourist village.

P1070507Deciding to leave the comfort of the swimming pool and deck chairs behind…

P1070526Venturing into unknown territory (Majahual!)


The atmosphere on the seafront promenade is unbelievable!


IMG_5482 (Edited)
IMG_5490So we found the perfect spot!

IMG_5484And we ordered the perfect Caribbean cocktail.

FHD0004Time for a dip!


P1070543Looking for the best place to grab a light bite… or not that light.

IMG_5501We found the best one, with a great view to boot.

IMG_5505And the food was incredible!

P1070553Guilty attempts to work off the ‘light’ lunch.


P1070560Waving goodbye to the stunning beach.

P1070501Back into the tourist village for a spot of further exploration.


So there you go. Hopefully I’ve proved that even a relaxing day on the beach can comprise of a string of discoveries and mini adventures. Exploring a new place (and in this case, a new country!) is always an exciting experience for me – the overall atmosphere, the colours, the smells, the people, the animals, the food and the emotions the place evokes all stay with me long after I’ve left.

What do you love most about travelling to new places? Have you been to Majahual? Tell me all about your trip in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, and for more of my Caribbean adventures, make sure to subscribe to the blog 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xx Niya



Cruising the Caribbean {Part 2}: Chilling in Costa Maya, Mexico

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