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I don’t expect that the first half of this post will surprise you much. It consists of photos of the Caribbean Sea. Blue, green, blue-green, turquoiseaquamarine … you get the idea. It is absolutely beautiful, and even after two weeks there, the colours continue to seem impossibly vibrant. But if you stick around for the second half, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy something unique to Jamaica, which will be worth your while. Let’s go!

Arriving in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Picture from the deck of our cruise ship.

The jaw-dropping sunset just before we sailed away. No filter or editing – it was unreal!

Stopping for a quick meal with a view at The Almond Tree in Ocho Rios.

IMG_5598The view in question! Blue, green, blue-green, turquoiseaquamarine … Didn’t I tell you?!

IMG_5629 (Edited)

IMG_5765 (Edited)I’m literally beside myself with excitement here… First time in the Caribbean is a big deal for a travel enthusiast!

P1070696Picture perfect.


IMG_5603The water was so inviting. This little jetty overgrown with flowers was just begging to be jumped from!

P1070692The resident pet.

So, for the next part: apologies for the varying quality of pictures, some were taken with an underwater camera for obvious reasons!

IMG_5748 (Edited)Dunn’s River Falls, on Rio Bueno near Ocho Rios. Yes, you can climb up the whole 750 metres!


Preparing to get going. You can tell I’m mildly excited.

FHD0046The human chain. You can g on your own, but team work is part of the fun!

FHD0033The halfway point. There was a rowdy, motivating chant of ‘All the way, all the way’ that the guides started, but eventually everyone giddily joined in.

FHD0051And we made it to the beautifully flat pools at the top.

IMG_5767 (Edited)The culmination of the climb. The river opened out to a stunning park filled with flowers and hummingbirds.

Would I recommend this trip? I’ll give it an A- .
Overall, I thought that Ocho Rios and the surrounding area was a great place to spend the day, and the waterfalls were awesome.  It wasn’t too hard to climb the rocks, and getting up to the top took about 2 hours, but progress was slow because there were a lot of groups climbing the falls at the same time. If you don’t mind other tourists too much, you would definitely have a lot of fun and will leave the place buzzing with excitement.

Interesting facts about Jamaica:

  • Jamaica is the third biggest island in the Caribbean, and the biggest English-speaking one.
  • Jamaicans also speak Patwa, a mix between English and West African. Popular phrases include Yah mon (Yes) and Bill bak (Relax/chill). If you’re heading there soon, you can learn a few expressions yourself!
  • General attitude to life: “In Jamaica there are no problems, just situations.”
  • On one of his voyages Columbus got shipwrecked on the shores of St Ann’s, and he named the first river he discoveered Río Bueno (Nice river), because it was the first source of fresh water his crew came upon.
  • A number of movies were filmed in Ocho Rios, including James Bond: Live and Let Die.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a thumbs up, and make sure you follow the blog for the next episode of my Caribbean adventure. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to Ocho Rios – what did you think? Would you go again?

Until next week,

xx Niya



Cruising the Caribbean {Part 1}: Climbing waterfalls in Jamaica

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