I have been away for a few weeks but there was a good reason: I was travelling around the Caribbean and collecting photographic material for your viewing pleasure.

Day 1: Montego Bay, Jamaica

1. Jamaica

As the first sunrise above the Caribbean that I ever saw, it will be hard to forget that one. The sun was quickly coming out of the clouds and its warm light was spilling across the horizon…

Day 2: Costa Maya, Mexico

2. Costa Maya

Against a more dramatic backdrop of darker clouds, this sunrise felt incredibly victorious and beautiful. The sky was a brilliant orange and the sun resembled the fireball of an explosion. I was almost expecting to hear a delayed sound wave from the blast.

Day 3: Belize City, Belize

3. Belize

Even though the sea was very peaceful, this sunrise seemed somehow ominous. The sun peeked through the clouds for a few minutes, only to dip back behind their dark, gloomy curtain.

Day 4: Roatan, Honduras




The sun rising over the sky in Roatan was an absolute spectacle. I felt like I needed to show it unfolding over a few pictures! The winds and sea currents playing on the water’s surface felt like they belonged on an impressionist canvas.

Day 5: George Town, Grand Cayman


I really loved the range of colours unfolding across the sea and the sky with every inch of sun emerging from the horizon – dazzling pinks, oranges and violets…

Day 6: Havana, Cuba


An intensely bright sunrise over Havana. The view over the bay and the light mist mixed with darker clouds over the faraway factories made the morning look truly mysterious and magical!

Day 7: Cozumel, Mexico


The photo doesn’t do this sunrise justice. The harshness of the red hue of the sky was literally blinding to the eyes, but that didn’t take away one bit from the beauty of it.

This is too hard. I keep looking through these photos, but it’s just impossible to pick the best sunrise and stick with it. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


Caribbean Sunrises: A Photo Essay

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