Just like after vising many other places, you could either be enamoured of Barcelona, or disappointed by it. You could be absolutely in love with the sunny weather, the bold architecture and the vivid colours, or you could leave without figuring out why it is so high on people’s list of top trips. But I haven’t met many people that down right hated it.

Perhaps it’s the atmosphere of the place. Even the grumpiest of travellers who would be annoyed by the amount of tourists could not fail to recognise that those are happy people in the streets. There is a buzz, a palpable excitement hanging in the air, enhanced by the warmth of the air, and the brightness of the tones used to decorate the city’s quirky buildings. And I personally found all these overwhelmingly positive vibes to be terribly contagious.

Here are the highlights from our sunny weekend trip to Barcelona…

Park Guell

A picture-perfect park designed by the insanely talented Gaudi. Climb the wide marble steps for a nice panoramic view of the city below, and stroll to the top of the hill to have a look at Gaudi’s pretty pink house.


Barcelona Zoo

One of the better ones I’ve visited, Barcelona Zoo allowed us to really get close and personal and to capture some incredible interactions between the resident animals.


Camp Nou Football Stadium

This isn’t a highlight only for hardcore Barca fans. The tour of the stadium grounds was very enjoyable and the surrounding area carried some of that unique Barcelonian atmosphere.



Proud patriotic moment! Barcelona’s legendary player Hristo Stoichkov hails from the Motherland!

La Pedrera and the MNAC

Another one of Gaudi’s jewels, La Pedrera is entirely surreal to behold. It looks like something out of a fuzzy dream à la Alice of Wonderland.

The MNAC is the National Museum of Catalan Art. It is perched atop the Montjuïc hill and reveals a stunning view of the city. Even if you don’t pay the exhibition a visit, it’s still a great area to take a relaxed stroll and appreciate the soft warm hues of the rooftops.


Mare Magnum and Playa de la Barceloneta

Barcelona has an amazingly attractive marina and some really picturesque beaches. Our wandering feet took us from the monument of Columbus right on the water’s edge, through the Mare Magnum Mall, and finally down the shore to the pretty Playa de la Barceloneta where we even dipped our toes into the sea.


Finally we came full circle to the Mare Magnum, and enjoyed a lovely glass (or jug) of sangria. If you feel like bar-hopping, you could also drop by the Rainforest cafe for yet another glass (jug)!


What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and book that weekend away in sunny Barcelona! I’d love to hear what you are most excited to see, so feel free to drop a comment below.

Have you been there already? What were your favourite places? Post links to your own blogs, and let’s share our travel experiences to inspire more wanderlust in the world!

xx Niya


Travel Throwback: a weekend in Barcelona

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