The Science Museum in London is a great place to go not just to geek out, but also to have a bit of a silly time goofing around with friends.

Once you’re through the cavernous atrium, you can see all kinds of exhibits on the walls and ceiling, which show technological inventions from different periods.


Science Museum Atrium

You can visit the free clockmaker’s section which has an interesting collection of mechanisms and fully-built pocket watches, as well as massive standing clocks. The decoration on some of those is absolutely stunning!


Clockmaker’s Gallery at the Science Museum

Upon entering the Wonderlab exhibition in the Statoil Gallery, my friend Lidiya and I could not resist taking a picture with the mosaic mirror. Obviously 10-year-old girls find it fascinating too, only it’s a bit more understandable in their case.


Mosaic Mirror at Wonderlab Science Museum

Here comes the geeky part: the dry ice machine. The ghostly looking whirlpool is filled with water which is naturally warmer than the frozen icy particles that come shooting down into it, causing the dry ice to turn to gas straight away, unlike normal ice which would liquidate into the water. It’s used in many films to achieve precisely this ghostly, foggy effect.


Dry ice reaction with water


Geeking out at the Science Museum

Full-blown geeks: Lidiya and I had some fun exploring different scientific phenomena, such as distribution of body heat, curved mirror effects and electricity within a vacuum.


Body heat detector at the Science Museum


Curved mirrors at the Science Museum


Playing with coloured light at the Science Museum


Electricity in a vacuum


Tiny lightnings


Model of the Solar system at the Science Museum

A nice touch: a model of Earth, the Moon and the Sun rotating languidly under around 500 led-light stars.

The Science museum is not just for kids! If you find yourself with nothing to do on a Sunday, go pay the Wonderlab exhibition a visit. Even if you don’t learn anything new, you are sure to have a bit of a laugh exploring!

xx Niya


Science Museum, London

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