Nestled in one of my most favourite spots in the city is Homeslice, a cozy pizza joint you could almost miss… Except you can’t really.

You can find Neal’s Yard down a small alley between Shorts Gardens and Monmouth Street in Covent Garden. It is a picture perfect little courtyard where a few shops and restaurants are housed in artfully decorated buildings.


The entrance to Homeslice is very unpretentious and could easily be missed, if it wasn’t almost always crowded with people happily chatting over pizza on the table outside. Even if you have lived in London for a long time and are already used to just pretending the crowds are not there, it would be very hard to ignore the wafting smell of melting mozzarella when you pass by.

Inside there are a few communal tables, but if you ask you can be seated individually. That said, if you want to experience the buzzing atmosphere of Homeslice to the fullest, a communal table might be the best option. Come on, sharing is caring. Don’t be grumpy.

We were seated fairly quickly even though it was peak lunchtime. The only downside to the place was that it was a tad too noisy, but in my experience this is true about most eateries and bars in London. After all, it’s where you go to catch up with friends and loved ones, not just a place where you go to stuff your face or drink yourself senseless… Right?

Although… it would taste a lie to say Homelice would fail to tempt you to visit just for the food. It is just that good! And the best part is that their menu never gets olld, as they always introduce new flavourful combinations.


We ordered half and half – one was aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach and spicy harissa sauce, and the other caramelised onions, kalamata olives and anchovy. Both were unlike any pizza I had tried before, but I liked the latter a tiny bit more.

Have you tried any of the other unique topping combinations? Let me know in the comments!

xx Niya


Pizza Heaven a.k.a. Homeslice, London

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