Hello, hope you’ve had a nice weekend! I for one had a great one – I went to a really amazing Halloween party in London, and I wanted to share my experience with you. Perhaps it will inspire you to unleash your creativity, to dress up and have a fun time yourself! After all, Halloween is not actually until tomorrow, so it’s not too late yet 🙂

I apologise in advance for the blurry pictures! I’ll just blame the smoke machines and go ahead…


My outfit is inspired by a literary character introduced in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series popularised by the TV series adaptation, Game of Thrones. The Night’s Queen is a legendary icy being that supposedly lived thousands of years ago – it seemed an excellent choice given that the theme of the Halloween party I’d set my eyes on was “Hell freezes over”. I put on a white wig and icy blue contacts, and went to great lengths to make myself appear thousands of years old, utilising white face powder, black eye make-up and a very dark shade of red lipstick.


The White Mischief party was held at Scala, a few minutes walk from King’s Cross. It was a large venue with a few rooms, each with a different entertainment programme. The main stage had an impressive line-up, so I made my way there to watch what promised to be an excellent, albeit a bit twisted, cabaret show.



Dusty Limits’ jokes were a tad out of place from time to time, but overall he was a fun host. His delivery of Halloween-themed songs like I put a spell on you were rather enjoyable!


Next up were Bowjangles, whose performance was pretty amazing! They are a string quartet on a mission to popularise classical music, and they are doing a marvellous job, or at least I think so! Check out the video below and decide for yourself:

The crowd was enjoying them a lot, too!


The next act was Anna the Hulagan, a hoop artist. Her performance was quite good too, she started off as a unicorn spinning a hoop with rainbow LED lights, and then she moved on to a fire hula hoop.


The grace that Jackie Le exhibited while on the aerial silks was enviable. If it was me hanging up there… well, let’s just say it would be far from a graceful performance. She got plenty of wow’s from the audience, and no wonder.


At this point I thought I was getting used to the talent and unique skills displayed on stage, but then Ulrike Storch, an incredibly agile foot juggler, proved me wrong. Yes, she’s juggling with an open umbrella. With her feet!


The crowd was going wild as we were approaching the final performance of the cabaret.


The Ghana Flying Stars were particularly impressive, but unfortunately I did not capture much of their tricks as I just couldn’t peel my eyes off of the stage! Suffice it to say that by the end one of the guys was folded in on himself, spinning like crazy inside the massive metal bowl the other artist was spinning on top of his head. It was madness!



The last act I saw was Tankus the Henge, a band I’d never heard before, but I will definitely be hearing more of. Their style could be described as strongly influenced by rockabilly and ska music, but they had a unique sound which was brought to live on stage by the amazingly energetic performance of the lead singer and pianist, who spent half the show jumping up and down on the piano, and singing through a megaphone. By this point my phone was running really low on battery, but I’ve popped a couple of YouTube videos below so you can get a better idea of how awesome their gig was!


Hope you’ve enjoyed witnessing this twisted cabaret with me, and most of all, I hope that even if you haven’t done anything for Halloween this year, you are now full of ideas and excitement about next year’s edition 🙂

xx Niya


Twisted cabaret, London

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