Press for champagne Bob Bob Ricard

Sometimes when you really want to go to a certain place, you seem to keep hearing about it from everyone, and seeing reminders of it everywhere. In the end, when you finally get a chance to pay it a visit after continuously obsessing over it, it usually fails to meet your high expectations. This is the exact opposite of what happened when I finally went to Bob Bob Ricard. Hope you enjoy my detailed review, and stick around until the end for an extra decadent sweet treat!

The infamous ‘Press for champagne’ button set within the deep green marble interior of Bob Bob Ricard had been haunting my Instagram feed for a long while, so when I turned round the corner and onto Upper James St, I was more than a tiny bit excited. I would recommend wearing something a bit more formal than a top and jeans to avoid feeling underdressed.

Bob Bob Ricard interior

Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard

The menu is an intriguing mix of British and Russian specialities with a discernible touch of luxury. It is definitely a venue that will guarantee a splurge, but it is absolutely worth it for a special occasion. The food is sublime, and the service is impeccable!

We ordered a bottle of rosé which was priced at about £35 so that wasn’t too hard to swallow. However, if budget is not a consideration, you can go all out and order something a bit more special from the impressive wine list.

I had the Salmon Tartare garnished with salmon roe, cucumber, fennel and horseradish to start, which was excellent. My dinner buddy had the equally appetising Lobster, Crab & Shrimp Pelmeni (traditional Russian dumplings). They must have been incredibly tasty, as I didn’t even manage to get a snap before they disappeared from the plate!

Bob Bob Ricard starter - salmon tartare

We made a exceedingly good choice with our mains – a sumptuous plate of Poached Sole in Champagne Sauce for me, and the exceptionally succulent Filet Mignon Rossini for my friend. To be honest, I think you would struggle to make a bad choice with their menu. We couldn’t help it, so we also ordered the Truffled Mash Potatoes – I highly recommend getting those as they are absolutely heavenly, and at £7.95 you might even want to order two portions!

Bob Bob Ricard food

And now, the most exciting moment of the night – as the waiter joked to try and convince us to order desert, ‘It’s like you haven’t eaten otherwise’. Like we needed any convincing!

I had already given myself over to temptation a mere second after I glanced at the menu. Behold, the very appropriately named BBR Signature Chocolate Glory.

Once the delicate chocolate sphere disintegrates, it exposes a decadent centre of chocolate mouse and chocolate brownie, which are balanced off with tangy berries and passionfruit & orange jelly. It was exactly as I hoped, absolute chocolate coma giving way to pure joy.

So after a lot of giggles, sighs and contented mmm’s we left Bob Bob Ricard. We both looked at each other and said ‘We are definitely coming here again!’… Now we just need an excuse to have a special celebration every month or so.

If you feel you need more convincing, you can have a look at the other amazing options in the full menu. I’d love to hear what you think if you get a chance to visit, or if you’ve already been there before!

xx Niya



Surrendering to decadence at Bob Bob Ricard, London

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