Twisted cabaret, London


Hello, hope you’ve had a nice weekend! I for one had a great one – I went to a really amazing Halloween party in London, and I wanted to share my experience with you. Perhaps it will inspire you to unleash your creativity, to dress up and have a fun time yourself! After all, Halloween is not actually until tomorrow, so it’s not too late yet 🙂

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Healthy weekend burritos in 6 easy steps


Not long to go now! I wanted to share this very easy and tasty burrito recipe to give you some inspiration for healthy comfort food to undo the damage that a long stressful week might have inflicted! Well, they are as healthy as burritos go, but definitely worth a try. Roll your sleeves up and let’s go…

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Surrendering to decadence at Bob Bob Ricard, London

Press for champagne Bob Bob Ricard

Sometimes when you really want to go to a certain place, you seem to keep hearing about it from everyone, and seeing reminders of it everywhere. In the end, when you finally get a chance to pay it a visit after continuously obsessing over it, it usually fails to meet your high expectations. This is the exact opposite of what happened when I finally went to Bob Bob Ricard. Hope you enjoy my detailed review, and stick around until the end for an extra decadent sweet treat! Continue reading