Yesterday was the official opening of London Fashion Weekend, the next best thing to the real deal, even if you’re not a sartorial maven. If you, like me, are a fashion enthusiast, or simply find a beautifully crafted garment pleasing to the eye, but for some reason your invitation to the biggest event on the fashion calendar got lost in the mail, you can still prowl to the Saatchi Gallery in your most glamorous outfit and join in the fun.

There is something exciting about the glitz and glamour of London Fashion Week, and much of this buzzing atmosphere is replicated at the weekend event. As soon as you step out on King’s Road you find yourself engulfed in a sea of fashionistas traipsing in the season’s trendiest boots, ethereal dresses gracefully flowing behind them, every strand of hair carefully styled, or casually dishevelled. It’s all rather hypnotic.


I arrived rather late, so I quickly grabbed my goody bag filled with essentials (healthy energising drink, emergency snacks, micellar water and dry shampoo to name a few) and made my way to the Talks Gallery. What I like about the event is that it’s designed to provide the full experience of the industry, not just to focus on the shopping side of things. The talk was set up as a panel where three fashion and tech gurus discussed The Digital Fashion Era – John Vary (innovation manager, John Lewis), Rosanna Falconer (business director at Matthew Williamson) and Pia Stanchina (former industry manager for fashion at Google). Pia (below: third from left to right) stole the limelight with her impressive experience, and her detailed knowledge of groundbreaking developments on the global stage, such as the innovative US trend of “renting the runway“.


Over to the guilty pleasure: shopping designer items at reduced prices… A whole floor of the gallery is dedicated to global clothing brands, and half a floor to shoes, accessories and jewellery. The temptation is unreal!



I really loved this ring and the Mother of Dragons vibe it was giving off!




Preparing for the upcoming designer catwalk with a glass of bubbly from the Pommery Bar on Level One.



And it’s on! The Preen by Thornton Bregazzi catwalk show was really exhilarating, with some great music and lighting complementing the fabulous garments. I loved the mixture of delicacy and grunge, with an added element of almost casual, party girl cool.











Check out the video of the catwalk:

After the finale I went for one last quick tour of the shopping galleries, and unsurprisingly, I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t got enough. I really liked how this girl had styled her outfit, so I asked for a snap and she was nice enough not to chase me off using her shopping bags as a weapon (and they looked heavy!).


Fashion is there to be enjoyed and appreciated, and it’s most magical when it’s shared with friends. It’s not too late – grab a friend and head over to Saatchi Gallery in the next couple of days for a little taste of the glamour and the gorgeousness that is London Fashion Weekend!

xx Niya


London Fashion Weekend is here!

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