Look into the Eyes of God {Trekking in Bulgaria}


I recently visited a stunning place in the motherland, which for some inexplicable reason does not feature among the most well-known tourism sites. As I’ve tirelessly preached before (do excuse the patriotic urge), Bulgaria is a place offering numerous wondrous sights, with majestic mountains, breathtaking lakes, wild woods and amazing natural formations. Sadly, it is internationally recognised mostly for the wild party town of Sunny Beach, and possibly as a select skiing destination in the winter months. But there is so much more to it! So much so, that I might actually write a full post dedicated to Bulgaria’s must see places. Look out for that soon!

One such place is The Eyes of God, a karst cave in the Iskar Gorge in Northern Bulgaria. Laying eyes on it was a most humbling, yet incredibly exhilarating experience. If you think the pictures are impressive, then physically being in the cave can make your head spin.

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London Fashion Weekend is here!


Yesterday was the official opening of London Fashion Weekend, the next best thing to the real deal, even if you’re not a sartorial maven. If you, like me, are a fashion enthusiast, or simply find a beautifully crafted garment pleasing to the eye, but for some reason your invitation to the biggest event on the fashion calendar got lost in the mail, you can still prowl to the Saatchi Gallery in your most glamorous outfit and join in the fun.

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Passageways of Paris


I simply can’t stay away from Paris for too long. This most artistic of cities keeps me coming back, because no matter how many times I go, there is always something I haven’t seen before. And even when I think I have seen a certain place, it somehow always presents itself in a new light. Or in this case, against the backdrop of dramatic grey skies. Nowhere else does grey quite like Paris. It’s just the city that keeps on giving.  Continue reading