Exploring the quaint streets of Sorrento

If you are after a short getaway that can offer you plenty opportunities to get lost in little winding paved streets, brimming full of old rustic Italian charm, Sorrento is the place to go. If you’re still not convinced, have a look here for some more inspiration.

We touched down in Naples in the late afternoon, and boarded a coach to Sorrento. It took just over an hour to get there, and by the time we settled in, the sun was already setting. In true Italian fashion, we raised a glass of bellini to our first night in the lovely coastal town.



On the next morning, we started off our exploration with an early walk around the town centre. We slipped inside Sorrento Cathedral for a few snaps of the majestic marble interior, and the beautifully decorated altar.


As we made our way through the cobweb of streets that is Sorrento’s town centre, we came across a lovely little inner courtyard. We followed the fairy lights to a charming family owned tavern, whose owner was really nice to chat to. He took a picture of us and showed us around his delightful property.




We continued our purposely aimless tour – we were trying to get lost after all – and found ourselves in a little park overlooking the sea. Sorrento is built on a number of natural cliff terraces, and this place was ideal for views of the marina below. After a quick check of the street map, we found out the park was part of Villa Comunale, positioned just above Marameo beach. It also boasted a stunning inner courtyard, which easily takes you a few centuries back in time as soon as you step inside.




We left the stunning courtyard, and walked down a couple streets to arrive back in the central part of town, where other hungry tourists had already started on the hunt for some local Italian delicacies. The trouble with Italy is that there is food everywhere, with the mouthwatering smell of melted mozzarella wafting through open restaurant doors. You have to apply an extreme level of restraint to not let yourself head into the first place you see. We held our ground for an astonishing amount of time, and we went off the beaten track in search of some food with a home-made feel to it.




We found a lovely little restaurant in one of the side streets, and had a pizza which was absolutely finger-licking good. Our patience was greatly rewarded!

Once fed, we decided to brave the labyrinth of ancient, crumbling stairs leading from Piazza Tasso, Sorrento’s charming cafe-lined central square, to the bustling marina below.



As if to reward us for the effort, the sun came out just when we reached the big blue. It was starting to warm up, and the promise of a beautiful afternoon was starting to unfold. We found ourselves yearning for a cup of espresso on a sunny terrace.


And what better terrace than one overlooking the sea… We eyed up the Excelsior Vittoria, and we braved the steep steps one again.


When we made it to the hotel entrance on Piazza Tasso, we were immediately drawn in by the sweet, delicate smell of wisteria hanging heavy over the gates. The path opened into an even more mesmerising garden, with climbing shrubs and all kinds of beautiful blooming flowers.






Sorrento prides itself on its limoncello, and the lemon trees are a must for every garden.



The hotel is absolutely stunning, with its amazing location, stylish architecture, and warm hues, which reflect the sunlight and give it a certain cosy feel, which softens its grandeur.


The interiors are fit for royalty, but the staff are incredibly welcoming and sweet, which almost makes it feel like you are in a family-owned hotel.


After our short tour we emerged on the terrace, and finally ordered that expresso.


Now this is what I call pure Italian bliss!

Stay tuned for more Italian fairytales.

xx Niya


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