If you love animals, but for some logistical or financial reason you can’t keep one at home, there is a new craze working in your favour. The Cat Café trend originated in Japan, but it has made its way across the globe and into the ever hip Shoreditch.

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage on a new bunny café being cancelled, due to  concerns from the RSPCA over the safety of the bunnies. However, they are animals which are very easily stressed, whereas the cats at Lady Dinah’s Emporium are living a really relaxed life, fit for feline royals. The staff are great, and really attentive, and they are absolutely enthusiastic about teaching people how to treat their furry little friends right. On top of that, it is a lovely little place to cosy up with a cup of tea and catch up with dear friends.

lady-dinah-s-cat-emporium (1)
As soon as you enter the café, it becomes clear that everything is done with the safety and happiness of the animals in mind. The staff welcome guests by explaining a little bit about cat behaviour, and give you tips on how to approach each of their lovely kittens.

There are a number of comfy seats downstairs, where the atmosphere is a bit more casual, with lots of toys for the cats, and much more space for play. It’s also nice to see that it isn’t busy, as the staff make sure the environment is just perfect for both animals and their human friends alike.

ladydinahs 15
This little guy stole the show with his shiny groomed fur, and his playful manner.

We weren’t lucky enough to get him to perform his little strut on our table, but it was for the better as we were having some excellent Rooibos tea. They also serve traditional high tea with sandwiches and cakes, which all looked excellent, so I’ll be sure to show up hungry next time!

Overall, we had a really nice, relaxing time, and the fabulous felines put a smile on our face. I think we might become regulars at Lady Dinah’s. The trick is to be able to go there often but preferably to avoid turning into a crazy cat lady.

xx Niya


The Cat Café, London

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