How to make the most of Dublin on a chilly day

Being a strong supporter of the work hard, play hard attitude, I always like to make sure that my weekends are well spent. For this reason, I’m very much keen on planning day trips or weekend breaks within a two-hour radius from London. Dublin is the perfect getaway if you want to spend a casual day, with a little bit of culture blended in. Continue reading


Prepare a Costa Rican feast with a few simple recipes


After spending two weeks in Costa Rica, I feel like I’ve gained a new appreciation for fresh, simple food that makes amazing, delectable meals. Costa Rican cuisine inspired me to rethink the way I eat and to take a more exploratory path in cooking. I recommend using organic ingredients to get as close as possible to that fresh, homemade taste.

Here are the recipes that I found absolutely finger-licking good…
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