Andalucian adventures {Part 3}: Seville

Visiting Andalucia has been on my bucket list for ages, and seeing the Alhambra palace in Granada and the Cathedral of Cordoba was frankly a dream come true. However, Vera and I were just getting started with our trip, and we were very keen to finally explore Seville. We had whizzed through the streets on our way to the train station and back, and we hadn’t had a chance to stop and gape at the jaw-dropping beauty lurking around every corner.

{If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, stick to the end for a peek at some of the filming locations for season 5 that I saw first hand!}

P1030144 P1030146P1030161 P1030162P1030163^ Vera and I agreed this should be the hotel we’re staying in next time we visit!P1030152 P1030158^ Seville’s Cathedral is just as magnificent as the one in Cordoba, and the Giralda tower is beautifully illuminated at night, so make sure to stop by! Another place of interest is the university building, which used to be the Royal Tobacco Factory. It is famous for being the scene of Bizet’s Carmen, and tourists from everywhere flock to take pictures of the little blue & yellow tiles, which are all that’s left from the old factory.
P1030175P1030186 P1030177 P1030182 P1030183P1030184We continued our walk towards the Guadalquivir riverside promenade which is flanked by some impressive buildings, lush greenery and charming little cafes. Naturally, when in Spain, you can’t simply give the corrida a miss. The fact that it wasn’t bullfighting season couldn’t stop us from having a little peek inside the arena, of course.P1030194 P1030209 P1030216 P1030222 P1030226 P1030240 P1030260 P1030262P1030268 P1030275After a quick recharge in the form of a couple of scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, we headed back to Plaza de España, a gorgeous sun-drenched square with a crescent-shaped boating lake.
P1030282P1030386 P1030284 P1030285 P1030287 P1030344 P1030371 P1030374 P1030380P1030414 P1030389I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I took only 36 minutes to row the boat to the end of the crescent-shaped lake and back, which felt like a massive feat. If anyone has done it in under half an hour, please let me know in the comments, so I can personally congratulate you on your rowing skills! I know I needed a bit of a breather in the shade of the palm trees after that one…  P1030438We walked around the breathtaking garden for a little while longer, enjoying the very last minutes of sunshine.P1030439 P1030453 P1030467 P1030468We somehow peeled ourselves off the bench overlooking the glorious Mudejar pavilion and trudged on towards the hotel.


New day – new adventures, and very special ones at that! Vera and I headed towards the Cathedral of Seville again, but this time we actually braved the queue and lost ourselves amongst the brilliant collections inside.
P1030473P1030482 P1030490 P1030492 P1030496 P1030500 P1030502 P1030506 P1030501And what is a tour without a panoramic view (or two, or three…)?
P1030688P1030513 P1030517 P1030519
Although the Cathedral of Seville was stunning, I felt quite ready to go, knowing what our next stop was going to be. Also, I was more than a little hungry and it was passing tapas & sangria o’clock!
P1030528 P1030530 P1030531^ Spinach with chickpeas and nutmeg, traditional Spanish tortilla and Moroccan chicken skewer with fries.

I had been looking forward to visiting this particular place throughout the whole trip, and finally I would get to walk in the gardens of the Real Alcazar, or the Royal Palace of Seville. Game of Thrones fans will know that this was the filming location for the Water Gardens of Dorne, but regardless of that it was just an amazing place I couldn’t recommend enough! I took a ton of photos as I wanted to capture every fascinating detail of the Mudejar architecture, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.
P1030532 P1030533P1030538 P1030540 P1030541 P1030542 P1030545 P1030547 P1030553 P1030555 P1030557^ My dream bedroom’s starry sky ceiling!
P1030558 P1030559 P1030569 Behold, the main outdoor bath where the royal family would cool off in the hot summer days! It is now home to some very hungry locals who are surprisingly acrobatic when a piece of breadstick floats their way… P1030572P1030575P1030577 P1030579 P1030623Of course, a stroll in the garden wouldn’t be complete without making a few friends. After I stalked this poor creature through the undergrowth with a camera in hand for over a quarter of an hour, it finally posed for a great shot so I would leave it alone.

P1030610I also made a furry friend. Meet Ser Pounce!
P1030632P1030629The shade of the orange and lemon trees was a much needed respite from the heat, and the abundance of cold pools and fountains gave us a bit of an energy boost to overcome the afternoon slump.
P1030627P1030635P1030674P1030666 As you would probably expect, we managed to get lost in the gardens while carelessly snapping. Luckily, the Giralda tower acted as a guiding light, helping us find our way through the wilder gardens back into the main courtyard.
P1030634P1030636P1030652P1030655P1030676P1030585 P1030582And back for a final shot of the main bath under the setting sun before we went on our way… P1030680This beautiful oriental experience was followed by an equally oriental tea-time treat. I simply need to buy this pot (or a similar one)!
Share2015-03-09-1121d6e4e2b55d3c174283964b7ab7d6d68dbf77eb01def999b2caa8e803d8a5-PictureThe final hours of our trip were spent snapping more pictures of gloriously decorated houses, mainly the Casa de Pilatos, which should definitely be on your list of things to see in Seville!
P1030689 P1030691P1030692P1030707P1030699P1030706 P1030697 P1030704P1030717P1030730As you move between the various rooms and halls, the ceilings become more and more impressive. However, the most sumptuous part of the house is always the garden.
P1030721 P1030724P1030758 P1030756If only I could, I would have stayed here forever.


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