Andalucian adventures {Part 2}: Córdoba

After a fun-filled day in Granada we jumped on the train to Seville which took us across some lovely countryside turned golden under the rays of the setting sun.

P1030134Seville was going to be our base for the next four days. The hotel wasn’t as brilliant as the one in Granada but we were too thrilled to care. The thought of being in Seville was enough to excite us beyond measure… I mean, just look at this view!20150308_192517P1030141 (30)P1030141 (29)P1030141 (31)When taking these pictures, Vera and I were perched atop something reminiscent of a giant wooden mushroom that had sprouted in the very city centre. The El Mirador offers a great view for only €3, and you also get a free drink so it’s an all-round winner!

After a much deserved night’s rest we set off for the next stop on our tour of Andalucia, namely the breathtaking town of Cordoba. We left the train station keen to explore, and made our way through the winding cobbled streets until we reached the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which was lined with orange trees and dotted with pools and ponds (naturally).
P1030140 (1)The building is quite special – it was designed as a Mosque, expanded by a couple of muslim rulers, and finally transformed into a Christian Cathedral. However, the most beautiful elements of each architectural style were kept, and even now they remain to serve as a unique, beautiful example of how these different religions can coexist. The pictures really don’t do it justice, but I’ve done my best to capture the humbling magnificence of this enigmatic place.P1030140 (2)P1030141 (4)P1030141 (6)P1030141 (7)P1030141 (2)P1030141 (3)After experiencing several jaw-dropping reveals in different corners of the building, and a few almost dangerous rallies with tourists for the best picture-taking spot, we finally left the Mosque and were greeted by the glorious sunshine in the little square outside, where we stopped to refuel and take a few snaps.
P1030141 (12)P1030141 (13)We then lost ourselves amongst the charming little alleys buzzing with both tourists and locals who had all come out to enjoy the good weather. We found a nice little eatery to indulge our sweet tooth and have some sangria.
P1030141 (14)20150307_13210320150307_134831Feeling full and content, we continued our tour of the town’s top sites with another absolute must-see, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Royal Palace of the Christian Kings). The complex is surrounded by palm trees, but the real oasis is hidden behind its walls where clear pools lined with hedges glitter in the sunshine.P1030141 (16)P1030141 (17) P1030141 (18) P1030141 (21) P1030141 (22)P1030141 (23)P1030141 (24)P1030141 (25)

We spent way too long feeding the fish with leftover cheese cubes with chives which proved surprisingly appetising for the little fellows. The pond literally looked like it was boiling from all the havoc caused by the race for food. When we finally left, we were seen off by a perfectly groomed gentleman (on four legs).
P1030141 (26)Our final minutes before boarding the train back to Seville were spent strolling nonchalantly and  capturing the brilliant palette of colours that makes Cordoba’s streets so mesmerising. P1030141 (27)Dinner was somewhat rushed, as by the time we got to the hotel and changed, most of the places to eat were about to close. That is, with one major exception – a great little chain called 100 Montaditos, where you can binge on tasty little baguettes with every filling you can possibly imagine (including Oreos!) from as little as €1. 20150307_21450520150308_220033P1030141 (32)After consuming an excessive amount of mini baguettes (the exact number shall remain a mystery even to us), we quite literally lost ourselves in the maze of cobbled streets behind Seville Cathedral.

Keep an eye out for the next post to find out what we got up to (spoiler alert!) after managing to find our way out…

xx Niya


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