Exciting news

Hi everyone, I hope you’d be as excited as I am: le blog is back!

I know it’s been a while since the last post, but I can promise you that none of that time has gone to waste. I have travelled far and away, and I have piled up photos and memories from my wanderings to make sure you can see what I have seen and get inspired to travel yourselves.

In related news, to demonstrate my commitment to my little virtual diary of sorts, I have decided to move the blog to a new domain, which I’m hoping to develop into an interactive wonderland for all things Niya. The new and (hopefully) improved blog shall be dubbed Bellewether – I have every intention of turning it into the number one source for inspiration for my lovely readers, so I hope you’re ready to jump on board!

Have a little peek at something to look forward to: coming up next is a post about my trip to the glorious province of Andalucia in southern Spain, home of the Alhambra palace.


And to all my fellow bloggers, remember: success is a relative notion!


x Niya


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