Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder {Back to Bulgaria}

Hello and welcome to another blog post on Bellewether! This has been long overdue but as you might expect the chaos of holiday season has taken its toll on my time. But what an amazing time I’ve had…


I left the UK behind and headed East towards the Homeland, where I met with friends old and new, and enjoyed quite a few festive meals. In the short period that I was away, it is fair to say that I managed to get my teeth stuck in quite a few things (both literally, and figuratively).

I counted my blessings

P1020246 P1020248P1020261  P1020253

I met with my closest friends (left to right: Deny, Raya, Sarah) over some traditional local food called mish-mash, which is usually prepared with peppers, tomatoes, eggs and white cheese. The place we went to served it in the form of a neat little lasagne, complemented with sour cream and chives.

P1020256 P1020259

I got to channel my inner rock chick…

10404097_10205030096659709_3665167938092976571_n 10873642_10152729010099843_2210746660357076930_o


… and even assisted in the making of an actual tattoo. Top that rebellious Rock’n’Roll behaviour!

Back into the holiday spirit, I cooked a sweet potato pudding for our Christmas dinner.

P1020311 P1020379

All you need is a baked sweet potato to mash together with some dried fruits and nuts, as well as some vanilla sugar and hazelnut butter to top it all off, and voila! Christmas cheer on a plate.

P1020364 P1020315

Traditionally, there should be an odd number of dishes on the table on Christmas Eve, including red wine and festive bread with charms inside, which are believed to foretell what the new year holds for each family member, for instance health, wealth, love. My lucky charm simply stated ‘Travel’, which as you might imagine brought a huge smile upon my face.

I got some great presents any fashionista would be jealous of

P1020441 P1020420

Keep your eyes peeled for a review of the book on Paris Street Style and a post dedicated to an impending wardrobe spring clean! Also, check out Vogue’s Top 10 Perfumes for 2014, featuring the innovative use of vetiver by Narciso Rodriguez.

I wished upon a Christmas tree and travelled back in time

P1020382 P1020393P1020389 P1020408 

Another wish granted – on a magical night just after Christmas, it started snowing and this made the holidays feel even more special.

P1020415 P1020419

I got myself a fabulous send-off lunch and a new hairstyle to boot

P1020422 P1020423 P1020440

Spinach salad, grilled yellow-fin tuna steak, and walnut cookies with mascarpone cream and forest fruit compote. Cheers!


However busy or chaotic your holidays might have been, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture these few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I bet you’re already excited about the party, the dress or the tux, the wish you’ll make when the clock strikes twelve… But time flies, and days go by so quickly while you’re busy planning and arranging. So let your hair down, spend some time with the people who are truly special to you, do something silly and spontaneous, and above all – don’t let your spark go out on the ‘normal’ days. They can become just as incredibly fun and memorable if only you dare to embrace your inner adventurer!

Niya X


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