Shopping in Birmingham and Venetian Masquerade Ball

I’ve had a fairly busy week and I’d like to tell you all about it (in pictures)!

Being quite wary of the holidays lurking around the corner and having done no Christmas shopping whatsoever, I decided it was about time I braved the high street. But as we all know, it is close to impossible to get all your shopping done in central London without having a nervous breakdown caused by the mile-long queues and the lack of clothes that are actually your size and are in stock.

So Vera and I jumped on the train to Birmingham.


Being home to the Bull Ring, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, Birmingham offers plenty of choice and is actually quite pretty this time of year as it also hosts the Frankfurt Christmas Market with all its colourful stalls and Christmas lights.

P1020092 P1020108
The Bull, symbol of the city and namesake of the shopping mall. P1020104
St Martin’s Cathedral, just next to the Bull Ring
P1020096 P1020111 P1020114

P1020121 P1020124

Vera and I managed to tick off most of the items on our shopping list, and we could finally stop worrying about showing up back home empty-handed. We were now free to enjoy ourselves at the impending Christmas celebration organised by the company that we work for, namely a fabulous Venetian Masquerade Ball!

P1020144 P1020146

Hosted in a huge marquee which did an amazing job of pretending to be a Venetian square under the starry sky, the event proved to be an unforgettable night full of glamour and great entertainment (just look at these acrobats!)

P1020156 P1020160  P1020173

P1020152 P1020153  P1020180


I gave up on my mask halfway through the evening, but it didn’t take away from the mystery. We all had an amazing time up until the part where we realised we had to brave the next working day in a few hours. Thankfully, the holidays are fast approaching!


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