Lights & Laughs at Winter Wonderland

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably seen the countless Christmas-related Facebook status updates, TV adverts featuring penguins (#Monty, ahem), and Instagram pictures of the lights on Regent Street (yes, every year!).

Regardless of whether you have truly been touched by the Christmas spirit and are already planning your Christmas shopping budget, or you’re acting like a proper Grinch and considering waiting out the holiday madness in a dark cave, I’m willing to bet you’ll appreciate the genius that went into creating the ice sculptures at Winter Wonderland. But first – sushi.  Any time of year is a good time for sushi!

I met my friend Irene on Saturday and we were feeling peckish so we went to YouMe Sushi to grab a bite. As you can see I’m going for a full-on Christmas look – tree green jumper and lips in Santa red.
We had a lot of catching up to do, so when we finished our meal we moved to Costa to warm ourselves up with one of their Christmas specials. I had the Hot spiced apple and a few delicious Stollen Bites to enhance the winter taste.
P1010765 P1010770
By the time I got to Hyde Park Corner it was already quite dark – the perfect backdrop for the bright lights of the vibrant Christmas market!
P1010814 P1010812 P1010798
Naturally, when you find yourself looking at this, you simply have to try your luck and see if you can win something (9 out of 10 cases leave you with no cash and no prizes)..
P1010800 P1010801
Fortunately, Jhon’s accuracy meant we could all pretend we fall within the winners category.
On a less fortunate note, the random person who took our group photo with the Christmas tree missed the target… so to speak.
… so we gave it another try, this time perched on top of a giant squirrel. The very picture of maturity!
P1010803 P1010873
A couple of our friends went on the rides, but the rest of us remained on ground level where we enjoyed the hot spiced wine and some yummy street food.
I was considering heading home, but then my friends convinced me to stay for the tour of the ice sculptures. I have to say I was feeling slightly sceptical at first, but it turned out they were definitely worth the visit!
P1010821 P1010859
P1010826 P1010844P1010828 P1010866  P1010835 P1010838   P1010863
 P1010865 P1010868
We spent about half an hour there, and it was freezing inside, so you can imagine how welcome the sight of the ice bar at the end of the tour was! We had a shot of Jagermeister to restore our normal body temperature and made our way towards the exit.

Glancing back at the lights, we thought we’d definitely had a good laugh.


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