NiYYa’s in Paris (Part 2)

I’m definitely in my zone!

Last week I told you about my fabulous Saturday in Paris. It was followed by a no less amazing Sunday dominated by masterpieces of fine art, as well as those of the edible kind – all in all, Paris at its best!

P1000949 P1000952
We started our tour from Les Invalides, the complex which houses the Military Museum and Napoleon Bonaparte’s Tomb.
Our next stop was Musée d’Orsay, on the left bank of the Seine. It is housed in a former train station and it holds a number of beautiful works of art. The scent of roasted chestnuts wafting through the air in front of the Museum was something I couldn’t simply pass by.
The huge clock reminded me of Hugo, a Martin Scorsese film you should definitely watch.
P1000995 P1010011
Here are just a couple of the paintings whose beauty really captivated my imagination:
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer - The lady in the turban 1910
The lady in the Turban by Dhurmer, 1910 
Dinet - Esclave d'amour et lumiere des yeux 1900
A slave of love and light (Arabian legend) by Dinet, 1900

The weather was lovely in the afternoon. We strolled by the Seine until we reached the next place of interest on our increasingly culturally-focused list – The Louvre.

P1010023 P1010024 P1010026 P1010032 P1010033
Art lurks around every corner in Paris – not only in Museums, but on the streets as well.
I’m wearing River Island Faux fur T-shirt, black Ferragamo leggings (not available online), Clarks ankle booties, Louis Vuitton handbag (similar)
We saw the more popular exhibits, and then we made our way towards to the lesser known, and usually neglected part of the Museum, the Richelieu wing. This is where you can see the Apartments of Napoleon III from the time he resided in the Louvre.
P1010128 P1010133 P1010145 P1010148 P1010149 P1010154P1010156 P1010173
You can’t help but feel at least a bit like a royal walking through these gorgeously decorated chambers…
That’s why I got this little Marie Antoinette for Vera in order to bring at least a tiny bit of the royal atmosphere home.
P1010178 P1010205P1010209 P1010211
We left the Louvre somewhat reluctantly under the sounds of the polite message asking everyone to make their way towards the exit. Had it not been for that, we wouldn’t have noticed that we were absolutely famished!
We found a great place to eat on Boulevard des Italiens. As the name of the boulevard suggests, it wasn’t particularly French … but who could say no to caprese salad and pizza?
20141102_210605 20141102_211745 20141102_211212 20141102_221337
We stille managed to tick the French box by having some vin rose and nougat ice-cream with cherries for dessert.

bon appétit!


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