Chocolate & Cream

Endless chocolate and cream is every girl’s dream. Well, that, and maybe a faster than average metabolism. I can only hope that my personal trainer is not among my frequent readers, as I will undoubtedly earn myself an extra session’s worth of crawl outs for writing this blog post.

1470399_508258002609880_2956304325576106011_n P1000028
I take themes very seriously. That’s why I made it a point to look as chocolate-y as possible when I went to the annual Chocolate Show on Sunday.

What I’m wearing (similar):
Bershka blouseForever 21 skirt,  Next boots

Dani and I met in the park to spend some time enjoying the lovely autumn weather and trying out my brand new camera.
Lovely autumn colours: the only things I could think about looking at the leaves were chestnuts, pumpkin, cinnamon! Let me know in the comments, what does autumn look & smell like to you?
Wingardium Leviosa!

After a decent amount of time spent having fun with the leaves we headed straight into the usual melee of starry-eyed tourists in front of Buckingham Palace, and after taking a few more pictures we started making our way to Olympia West.
P1000048 P1000044 P1000101
We got there just in time to catch the Kausary Band performing a traditional Peruvian music piece.
fter enjoying their performance for a while, we directed our attention to the chocolate pralines, truffles, brownies, macaroons, nougats and other delicacies heaped on each stall. It was hard not to – the discernible scent of delicious decadent desserts was wafting through the entire hall. Below are just a few examples of all the temptations we were presented with.P1000109  P1000131  P1000129
P1000114  P1000243  P1000121
After about half an hour of just looking and taking pictures, I finally resigned myself to the ravenous hunger for chocolate inspired by the various desserts displayed around the hall. I got a salted caramel brownie which definitely lived up to my expectations, although at this point I don’t think I would have been disappointed by any of the exhibits.
Dani also bagged herself some chocolate goodies to take home. This is the kind of patience I admire.
At 5 pm it was time to gather round the stage one more time to take a look at some chocolate fashion designs by Lindt and other talented chocolatiers.
The show was opened by two hand-painted dancers.
P1000160  P1000163P1000189  P1000193P1000198
P1000207  P1000219
With this Chocolate Week came to a close. Having had our fill of chocolate (at least for the time being) we left Olympia West somewhat more light-hearted and a lot more heavy-laden with gift bags.
Post-show treats: chocolate marzipan balls with chestnut liqueur and a raisin & rum chocolate slab.


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