We came to Cambridge

After almost being put off by train cancellations and an excruciatingly long replacement bus service, we got to Cambridge in the end. It had been a long-standing trip that we had planned so we decided we would not let ourselves take some cosmic interferences as signs!

When we arrived, we went straight to the Fitzwilliam Museum, which has one of the most impressive marble interiors I’ve seen.

20140927_112606  20140927_112723


20140927_112844  20140927_113847


If you are an interior design enthusiast, you will find there is plenty to look at.


Interestingly enough, the same applies to Game of Thrones enthusiasts (King Joffrey would’ve loved it in there!)

20140927_115415  20140927_115518

We left the museum and so our epic walk around the colleges began…

20140927_121256  20140927_121351


St Catharine’s College


Peterhouse (the oldest constituent college of the University of Cambridge)

20140927_122521  20140927_122407

King’s College (Henry VIII is literally everywhere!)

It was already lunch time so we met our scholarly friends in front of Trinity College and made our way through the majestic Great Court.


The main entrance


The Chapel



The Dean’s place of residence


And the Halls. 10 points to GRYFFINDOR!


All along the walls there are portraits of former Deans.


Despite being led to believe by our friends that the food was far from tasty, my eggs and asparagus quiche tasted great. I had it with sauteed courgettes and potato mash with gravy – well done, house elves!


I wouldn’t mind enjoying this view from my dorm room.

Hard as it was to leave this amazing place, there were a few other spots to visit on our list.


The Bridge of Sighs in St John’s College (named after the one in Venice)

20140927_135214  20140927_135224

Just me basking in the sun!

We then continued through a series of green courts and vivid gardens, down the Fellows Walk and into the heart of the lovely Burrell’s Field. Below is my favourite house, but as it is reserved for Undergraduate students only, that ship has already sailed.


Supposedly, there should be a fawn living in the park around Burrell’s Field but it had the good fortune to elude my curious gaze (and my phone’s camera) at least on this occasion.

20140927_143052  20140927_143456

Next we passed by the University Library and Vera had a moment with the spinning book stacks…


We then found ourselves in Clare College, and crossed over the river yet again.


Bershka sequin dress (similar one on ebay)


The last stop on our college tour was King’s College.

20140927_150153  20140927_150224

The Chapel

20140927_150520  20140927_150700

A brief history lesson


The Old Court

20140927_151558  20140927_151706

You would have to admit, this tour demonstrated great dedication on our part. After all that tramping around, however, we found that we were starving (surprising, I know). We were almost tempted by the huge variety of fudge (they even had chilli chocolate!) just opposite King’s College, but the rest of our friends were already waiting for us to meet them for tea.

20140927_161359  20140927_161435  20140927_161447

We made our way to Harriet’s Tearooms, famously known the best place for an afternoon energy boost in Cambridge.


We were slightly daunted by the range of options, but there was no doubt in our minds as to whether or not to have fresh home-made scones!


Overall, this trip really made me want to be a student again and it was hard to get back to the reality of working life on the next day. Fortunately, the University of Cambridge has withstood the past 800 years or so, so it’s comforting to think it will still be there whenever I feel like going back in time.


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