Sunday Brunch @ South Bank

Having waited all summer to take my favourite trench coat out, I was happy to find that last Sunday offered the perfect weather for it – sunny, but crisp and fresh.


What I’m wearing:
Armani Exchange trench coat
, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, Bata flats



Vera and I shimmied our way out of the busy tube at Westminster station as we wanted to enjoy the sun rather than travel in the packed underground. We started our morning promenade along the Thames and met Dany just outside Waterloo station. We were tempted to browse through the South Bank book market, but we were too hungry to engage in intellectual activities before having breakfast.

20140921_122120 20140921_122239

We found our way to one of my favourite places to eat – Le Pain Quotidien in the Southbank Centre. The cosy interior and the varied menu always predispose me to spend hours there just ordering endless portions of organic goodness.


This time I managed to contain myself, and I only had the scrambled eggs with prosciutto and a raspberry lemonade (definitely one to try!). Dany went for an elderflower and blueberry prosecco, which was also quite good.


Of course, I could never say no to the complimentary Belgian chocolate hazelnut spread, but this didn’t stop me from trying all the organic jams (fig, sweet orange and four red fruit) as well.

20140921_133735 20140921_134210

Dany decided to “save some space”, as she put it, for a different dessert. I’d say frozen yoghurt was a very good alternative.


We then continued our walk along the Thames until we felt the urge to look at some pretty fabrics (yes, I do mean clothes shopping!).

Back on the high street Vera found some seriously cute items such as the unicorn PJ’s below.


In the afternoon we found ourselves in need of another energy boost. We were on Oxford street at the time and all the coffee shops were packed. Frantically going into a number of cafés and leaving shortly after, we came across a hidden gem in one of the smaller side streets.



In Joe and the Juice you can find a comfy couch to slouch in, long wooden tables shared by strangers, and that vital energy boost I mentioned. I had the ‘Hangover Heaven’ just because it reminded me of a virgin mojito. It’s a great combination of orange, mint and elderflower, another favourite of mine.


As the day was coming to a close, we made our way down Shaftesbury Avenue and into Chinatown. It’s great to lose yourself in the narrow cobbled streets and see whether you can find any delicacies in the oriental supermarkets. This is always fun, as you have to play a bit of a guessing game with most items only labelled in Mandarin. If you’re not one for experiments – just go for the tea, you (almost) can’t get that wrong!


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