Short and sweet in St Albans

We kept promising one of our friends that we’d go visit her in St Albans but if you’ve read my previous posts you would know our weekends are pretty busy. So after work on Friday we hopped on the train and went to celebrate the end of the working week with some burgers and a cosy catch-up.

We met our friend at the station and braved the hill leading to the town centre. No need to say we were famished by the time we got there!

What better way to address this than by paying a visit to Bill’s burger place?



The place benefits from some really nice decor and pretty reasonable prices for a variety of meals.

I ordered a refreshing elderflower ice tea, followed by a naked burger (no bun, still lots of foodie fun) with mixed salad and tzatziki.



We kept it short and sweet, so we just went for a brief walk around the town centre before we made our way back to the station.


The chill didn’t take away any of the charm! We’ve made a few more promises, most notably dropping by again to explore the town’s Traditional Street Market dating back to the 9th century.

To be continued…


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