Fun at the Victoria & Albert!

Our Saturday schedule was pretty busy so Vera and I got ready quickly and had coffee on the go. After we made our way to Kensington, we made use of the last month of concessions before our student cards expire at the end of September. We got ourselves bargain tickets to the Wedding dresses exhibition at the V&A, but even the full price would have definitely been worth it.

We saw some old, traditional pieces of clothing from different ages.

20140913_121153 20140913_122028 20140913_121250

As well as the occasional modern piece of apparel.

20140913_122435 20140913_122518 20140913_122312



Unfortunately, photography was not allowed at the actual exhibition, but I’ve found some pictures of the most impressive exhibits on the web.

Vivienne Westwood gown worn by Dita Von Teese at her wedding to Marilyn Manson in 2005.

John Galliano gown worn by Kate Moss at her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011.

An edgier Galliano designed exclusively for Gwen Stefani’s wedding.

And my personal favourite, an amazing ‘flower bomb’ gown by Ian Stuart.

Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments below if you would go for a flowing frock or an eclectic edge!

We browsed around the museum shop which was full of adorable souvenirs, like this tiny champagne bottle with an Alice in Wonderland reference on the label.


Even so, I decided to invest in something more practical, so I bagged a 2015 diary full of inspirational fashion photographs by Horst P. Horst.



What I’m wearing
H&M skirt, Bata flats (no online shop in the UK), Gucci watch

So, we left the exhibition and headed east to see our friend Dany. We made a new friend on the tube as well:


When we got to Greenwich, Dany led us straight into another shopping-related temptation.

20140913_143328 20140913_143400

Fortunately (or not), we were too hungry to lose ourselves among the lively colourful stalls, so we followed our noses towards the food instead.



We stumbled upon a lovely Mediterranean place which served seafood paella and sangria. What more is there to life?

20140913_154744 20140913_155026



I’ll tell you what – a nice long stroll around Greenwich park, paired with some fun-filled selfie snapping with friends.

20140913_155447 20140913_155704

Oh, and one final thing – dessert! I treated myself to a portion of mini pancakes with strawberries and chocolate, yum.


After a lovely afternoon in Greenwich, we said goodbye to Dany and hopped on a boat which took us down the Thames to central London.


We walked around some more until the hour was late enough for it to seem appropriate to go for drinks.

We went to the Print Room at 21 Covent Garden for a glass of rose wine and a catch up with another friend.

Not long after (not nearly long enough) we started thinking about dinner.

We decided to continue our Spanish food theme  from lunch, so we went to the tapas specialist, namely La Tasca.

IMG-20140906-WA0002 IMG-20140906-WA0003

I had the salsa chicken and some potatoes with spinach and blue cheese. We ordered some bread and olives as appetisers and we actually ended up sharing everything on the table. That’s the beauty of tapas! We washed it all down with some more sangria (a terribly unhealthy day, I know).

To burn some of the extra calories, we went on a walk around The Strand and Trafalgar Square.

This concluded a day of effortless smiles and silly jokes which fell perfectly in line with our plans for all the Saturdays to come. Roll on next week!








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