Look left … Look right (Back in the UK!)

It hasn’t even been a week since I’ve been back in the UK and the adventures have begun…

I’ll start at the very beginning. Vera and I know each other from university and we were lucky enough to get a job in the same company. We arrived back in the UK following our month-long summer vacation and we had to stay in a hotel as we had absolutely no idea where we would live… We only had 7 days to find a house to rent before we started work.

Luckily, just when we were starting to despair, something turned up. We moved in with our numerous suitcases (oh, so many shoes) and we hadn’t even settled in before we felt a pull towards Soho. We simply had to go out and celebrate immediately!

Vera had to see some of her friends, and I met with my fellow Londoner Irene who is a passionate good food enthusiast (just like me!) and after a short stroll down our favourite Wardour Street, we decided to go for Thai at Busaba Eathai.


Unfortunately, my battery died on me and I am embarrassed to admit that I had to source these photos from the web (not very pro-blogger-like, I know).

Anyway, I had Sen Chan Pad Thai (rice noodle with prawn, peanut, egg, green mango and crabmeat) which looked something like that:


We just couldn’t refuse a side to go with our noodles, so we ordered some vegetable spring rolls to share:

busaba 006


Even after the spring rolls, something was still missing. We went across the street to Cafe L’Eto for desserts.

leto-cafe-44EBCE  leto-cafe-D08EB5


I had the pleasure of tasting the green tea cake (left), and Irene had the fruit and walnut cake (right). The only criticism I would like to remark on was their insufficient size, i.e. they were too good, but nowhere near big enough!

After dinner we found ourselves in a desperate need of a calorie-burning activity so we took a walk around Soho. We were contemplating finishing off with a cheeky glass of wine in Vinoteca but it was a bit busy.

Fortunately, Vera called just in time to ask us if we would like to join her and her friends for drinks in a club in Marylebone and gave us directions to the venue. Little did we know that the place was actually a very exclusive members’ club called Home House, located at 21 Portman Square.

Irene and I had our hands full of bags from hitting the shops on Oxford Street earlier and were a bit underdressed for the occasion, so we couldn’t help but feel somewhat out of place. We were just discussing turning back when someone behind us said, ‘You must be Vera’s friends, if you would follow me please.’ We were too shocked to even say anything, so we just looked at each other and went inside.

It turned out this was an actual member who was a friend of a friend … and so we got in.



21 Portman Square was built in 1778 and since has been occupied by various people of importance before it became Home House, a blend of the old and the new providing a swanky private lounge for its members and their guests.

Home House website

If you don’t happen to be as lucky as I was, you can always get some (limited) access to the club by visiting the website. Obviously, a real visit is preferable, so do get your charming hat on, and get networking!


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