Christening Craze

I’m a happy girl with LOADS of nephews and nieces.

Honestly, I was happy with my numerous cousins, but when they all started their own families, I was delighted to discover the joys of being an auntie to their criminally cute offspring.

I came home last week after I’d been away in the UK for seven months. One of the said cousins called to invite me to my second youngest nephew’s Christening and Birthday party.

Naturally, I had to get presents for all my nephews and nieces as I hadn’t seen them for so long. I’m not complaining or anything, I’d have a shopping spree any day, regardless of whether I’m treating myself, or picking something special for my loved ones.


For the small ones…

malki podaruci

… and for the others, who are less so…

golemi podaruci

There was a lot of posing, goofing around, and picture taking:


20140803_125804-1 20140803_125954


What I’m wearing:
MOHITO Top , Stradivarius Jeans , ALDO Sandals , GUESS Handbag , Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


.. and even some heart-melting baby selfies!


Then we grabbed our things (so to speak) and made our way to the restaurant…


…where we mostly continued to goof around, but we also had some great food.



Chicken with mushrooms and creamy potato mash

20140803_160250 20140803_160429

Followed by creamy cake and Italian coffee.


In the end, we were all left with some sweet mints, and some even sweeter memories.


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