Breakfast smoothie


I like to think that I lead a healthy life and this always reflects on my food choices as you’ll get to see if you carry on reading my food and recipe posts. However, I can’t help but treat myself every once in a while, as I’ve discovered that this usually helps sticking to your routine for longer.  

Summer in Bulgaria is boiling, and that’s why I like to have small, refreshing meals. This summer, I’ve gotten used to having just a tasty fruit smoothie for breakfast, but I make sure that it’s also packed full of healthy ingredients. 

What you need

Fresh fruit: melon, apples, nectarines, apricots
Bio yoghurt
Oat bran
Crushed linseed
Goji berries or dried cranberries for decoration (mood boosters!)


You can use any fruit you like, but melons are especially good and cheap where I live, so that’s why they’re the major ingredient for my breakfast smoothies.

Wash the fruit and chop it in small pieces. I don’t peel the apples or the nectarines as there are healthy enzymes and vitamins in the peel, but you can do so if you prefer. Put two-three spoonfuls of bio yoghurt in a blender and add your fruit of choice, topping it with 2 spoonfuls of oat bran, 1 spoonful of linseed, 1 spoonful of cinnamon and honey to taste.

Blend it all together and voilà! You’ve got yourself an easy, healthy breakfast.


You can top it with some goji berries, dried cranberries or anything you like for decoration. 


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